This year’s NAB Summer Offering focuses our hearts and minds on what God is doing through NAB in planting churches and missional communities throughout the US and Canada. Please read the following information about our vision for church planting. Also, if you’d like to give to the NAB Summer Offering, please go here and give today.

Church planting is a vital element in NAB’s strategy to help churches and communities throughout North America.


Who are You?

Recently, I was hoping to intentionally direct the staff I lead into some team building, so I brought in a psychologist to walk the entire crew through a personality assessment and accompanying discussion of the results. In the meeting set aside to share what each person learned, with a bit of nervous laughter, the staff revealed key findings about themselves. When my turn to share came around, I shuffled around the completed inventory test results in front of me and announced that I was a goal-oriented person who likes to achieve specified goals and lead people toward results. The staff laughed—loudly!! Sarcastically toned comments like “really” and “we never knew that before” bantered around the room for the next few minutes. Frankly, I laughed too because at deep levels I am a doer.

But my doing can often get in the way of me being.


Triennial 2015

The NAB 2015 Triennial is just over one year away. Planning is coming together in a wonderful way. You’ll want to be part of this event that will connect you with others in the NAB, encourage your soul through time in the Word and inspire you to take next steps in your ministry. Registration materials will be distributed in fall of 2014, so keep your eyes open so you can register early for the 2015 Triennial.


Dear NAB leaders, pastors, and friends,

I want to inform you of a significant transition on the Executive Team of the NAB International Office. Early this week, Tony Dunaway submitted his resignation as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the North American Baptist Conference. The effective date of his resignation is August 31, 2014.


NAB Russia Update

Norman Poehlke

Vice President of Ministry Outreach

NAB has two distinct ministries in Russia. The one you are likely most familiar with is our partnership with Moscow Theological Seminary to send NAB pastors and professors to teach various two week courses as part of their seminary curriculum. The courses offered at various campuses throughout Russia is an outgrowth of the work started at the Russia Bible School in Rostov many years ago. This ministry continues to make a significant contribution to the church in Russia. But NAB has also been part of a separate leadership development initiative for the past two years.

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