NAB Update

End of Fiscal Year Giving

At the North American Baptist International office, we close our current financial fiscal year on August 31. God has been faithful in helping meet our needs over the last year, especially in the area of international missions. Our general giving to support other North American ministries and administrative needs has been slightly down this fiscal year.

NAB Update

Triennial Moments and Memories

The photos and videos from Triennial are now available!! Many of you have asked for the videos from the various Triennial speaking sessions, as well as to see all the photos that were taken. They are now uploaded and available for you, but we thought those who couldn't join us would also love to see them. You can find them HERE 

Fall Offering

The NAB family has been praying for new missionaries and passionate church planters. We have imagined a new generation of NAB servants to spread the gospel.

In response to our prayers, God has done immeasurably more than we have asked or imagined. God has provided the NAB with new missionaries and church planters. Now we must come alongside them and support, encourage, train, and equip them for the exciting ministries in which God has called them. 

Leadership Newsletter August 2015

Pastoring Today

Thank God for those who walk before us and communicate their experiences in ministry in ways that stimulate, motivate, and equip us for our work in the kingdom. Eugene Peterson has been a pastor, scholar, author, and poet, and has helped many over the years understand the very heart of ministry. I recently read again an interview that Peterson gave, and I was stunned by how gently yet cuttingly he described the very work of pastoring today.

Read this following excerpt and reflect on your own calling—and Peterson’s cautions—to pastoring.


(Interview Question)   If you were asked by one to describe what is at the heart of the work of pastoring and shepherding, what would you say?

NAB Update

Triennial Moments and Memories

God is moving NAB into a new season of ministry and cooperation. Among all the other exciting themes of the 2015 Triennial Conference, this refrain was heard repeatedly from participants and leaders in Sacramento. Outside speakers like Reggie McNeal, Mark Buchanan, and Dave Johnson painted the truth of God’s word directly on our minds and hearts. Our NAB speakers—Cam Roxburgh, Norm Poehlke, and Dan Hamil—provided both biblical and practical examples of how God is moving churches toward a missionary endeavor in their neighborhoods.

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