Annually, the North American Baptist Conference provides individuals and churches a way to support our international missions endeavors through our Spring (Easter) Missions Offering.

NAB Update

LEADERSHIP TELECONFERENCE  >>  The next NAB Leadership Teleconference will feature pastor and author Don Cousins who will lead us through a discussion of his book, Leadershift. This teleconference gathering is open to all NAB leaders, pastors, and guests. Why not gather a group of three or four leaders, read and discuss this book together, and then join other NAB leaders for a dynamic discussion with Don Cousins about leadership and the church today.


Disconnect to Reconnect

I’m thinking about my to-do list again today. At 2:30 p.m., I have but seven of the top fifteen items crossed off. And each day, the list seems to grow longer on the page. So tomorrow, I’m going to buckle down and stop.

NAB Update

Triennial Bible Teacher Named

Boas Novas Baptist Church


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