Triennial 2015

In less than a year, hundreds of pastors, missionaries, leaders, and delegates will gather in Sacramento, California, for the 2015 Triennial Conference. Registration materials will be made available this fall. Many though have started to ask questions about the location of Triennial. So here are some details to get you up to speed.


A Developing Thought


Take this quick quiz! What do leaders do?

Well, most would say that leaders equip others, strategically guide, make courageous decisions, boldly define current reality, set vision, etc.

Recently, in talking with Greg Henson, president of Sioux Falls Seminary, he pushed me to think about a different task necessary for those of us who lead. In Greg’s terms, leaders DEVELOP others. They work with those in their sphere of influence to build relationships that allow them to speak into those core issues of transformation and growth.

Though written for the context of theological education, I think Greg’s recent blog informs us well of this needed move toward people development.




For this NAB UPDATE, we would like to ask you to intercede for three mid-summer prayer requests.




This year’s NAB Summer Offering focuses our hearts and minds on what God is doing through NAB in planting churches and missional communities throughout the US and Canada. Please read the following information about our vision for church planting. Also, if you’d like to give to the NAB Summer Offering, please go here and give today.

Church planting is a vital element in NAB’s strategy to help churches and communities throughout North America.


Who are You?

Recently, I was hoping to intentionally direct the staff I lead into some team building, so I brought in a psychologist to walk the entire crew through a personality assessment and accompanying discussion of the results. In the meeting set aside to share what each person learned, with a bit of nervous laughter, the staff revealed key findings about themselves. When my turn to share came around, I shuffled around the completed inventory test results in front of me and announced that I was a goal-oriented person who likes to achieve specified goals and lead people toward results. The staff laughed—loudly!! Sarcastically toned comments like “really” and “we never knew that before” bantered around the room for the next few minutes. Frankly, I laughed too because at deep levels I am a doer.

But my doing can often get in the way of me being.

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