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Leadership on Mission–May 24, 2016

Dissonance and Culture

by Norm Poehlke
NAB Vice President of Ministry Outreach

In Matthew 15:1–20, we have a great picture of Jesus discerning how cultural conformity has replaced obedience to the Lord. It all starts with a question about washing hands. “Why do your disciples break the tradition of the elders? For they do not wash their hands when they eat?” (v. 2 ESV).


Wisdom of the Aged
by Dan Hamil
NAB Executive Director

We get old. Each day of our lives our cells decay, bringing alterations to our bodies and brains. As we age, our hearts beat slower; our skin wrinkles; our bones shrink, and with them our height; our hearts grow larger; and our memories become less efficient.

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A Constant Awareness of God: Part 2
by Kent Carlson
NAB VP of Leadership Formation

In our last article we spent some time reflecting on the crucial discipline of living with a constant awareness of the presence and activity of God, what Brother Lawrence called practicing the presence of God. This is an extremely practical discipline that is lived out in the details of our thoughts and actions throughout every day of our lives. Therefore, it is crucial that we pursue this discipline, not with lofty and esoteric theories and ideas, but with very simple, practical activities that we learn to engage in every day. I will suggest four disciplines, which will barely take any extra time in our lives, that we can begin to pursue today.

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