Leaders are readers. I don’t exactly know when or how this aphorism first trickled into my mind, but I know that over the years I’ve read or heard it repeatedly. So let me repeat it and give you the opportunity to let it sink in. Leaders are readers.

In this month’s communiqué on leadership, I want to share with you the titles of just a few leadership-oriented books that have significantly shaped the fabric of my thoughts and behaviors about leadership. To gain some additional balance, I’ve also asked the executive team at the North American Baptist International Office to give their short list. If you’d like, shoot me back an email listing those one or two books that have influenced your viewpoints on the practice of leadership.

Here's my list:



We invite you to participate in the NAB Fall Offering.

Our 2014 Fall Thanksgiving Offering’s theme is OVERFLOW. It reminds us that our purpose together is to go into this world, help others respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ and be baptized as his followers, and teach them to observe all that he commanded.


NAB Announcement

One of the most exciting and heart wrenching realities about missionary life occurs when a missionary’s objectives on the field have been fulfilled, and they come to realize it is time to leave that ministry in good hands. Christopher and Ingrid Kidd, North American Baptist missionaries to Brazil, have come to that moment in their missionary careers.


Triennial 2015

In less than a year, hundreds of pastors, missionaries, leaders, and delegates will gather in Sacramento, California, for the 2015 Triennial Conference. Registration materials will be made available this fall. Many though have started to ask questions about the location of Triennial. So here are some details to get you up to speed.


A Developing Thought


Take this quick quiz! What do leaders do?

Well, most would say that leaders equip others, strategically guide, make courageous decisions, boldly define current reality, set vision, etc.

Recently, in talking with Greg Henson, president of Sioux Falls Seminary, he pushed me to think about a different task necessary for those of us who lead. In Greg’s terms, leaders DEVELOP others. They work with those in their sphere of influence to build relationships that allow them to speak into those core issues of transformation and growth.

Though written for the context of theological education, I think Greg’s recent blog informs us well of this needed move toward people development.

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