NAB UPDATE - June 20, 2013

For many, summer affords a season of outdoor refreshment and personal replenishment. God is so good to provide us times to slow our personal paces and find times truly to enjoy Him. As you think of and pray for the ministries of the North American Baptist Conference over the next weeks, here are some items to bring to mind:

May 2013

Do two simple things today for a better tomorrow.


We all want to be successful, but what does that really mean?

I'm dead serious—the manner in which you define success . . .is everything!

NAB UPDATE - May 21, 2013

Our thoughts and prayers go to all affected by the recent horrific tornado in Oklahoma.

As North American Baptists, we mourn with those who mourn and desire to bear the burdens of those who hurt. NAB is accepting donations for Oklahoma disaster relief. Our direct partnership with the North American Baptist Fellowship Disaster Response Network allows us to obtain information about the most pressing needs for the people impacted by the tornado. NAB will forward these donations to trusted Baptist and evangelical organizations who are directly serving the individuals and the communities reeling from the Oklahoma tornado.

NAB UPDATE - May 2, 2013

Recently, the NAB’s Women’s Ministry Leadership Team met at the International Office in Roseville, CA, for the annual meeting. Below is a short summary of the highlights of the meeting by Moni Nickel. Please pray for the Women’s Leadership Team and for various women’s ministries in churches throughout the NAB.

APRIL 2013

Do you OWN your life,
or are you simply a squatter?


Recently my friend Dan Rockwell (the LeadershipFreak) posted a hosted conversation with Dr. Henry Cloud, who said: “Leaders must own what they either create or allow to exist.”

Poignant thought! I immediately applied that thought to my organization: What is continuing to exist around here that I don’t like? Yes, I thought of a few things. Wow, ultimately I’m the one allowing those to exist. Why?

In the book It’s Not My Fault, Cloud says:

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