Randy & Shelly Schmor

Gateway Teams - Randy is Director, Shelly is Co-Director.

A Gateway Team is a group of growing Christians sent by an NAB church or other NAB institution to an NAB mission project, church, or other approved site. The purpose of a Gateway Team is to see ministry happen:

  • at the project location (with the nationals, missionaries, or pastors)
  • within the individual participant (opening up hearts to God’s missionary calling)
  • back home (multiplying the church’s disciple-making efforts).

Gateway Teams displays the SOE Seal (Standard of Excellence) demonstrating that our short-term missions strive for the highest Christian and moral purpose. 

Click here for more about U.S. Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission (SOE). 

Scheduled Gateway Teams: (see below for complete list of confirmed teams)

Short-Term Mission Teams - A Workshop for LEADERS on Best Practices with Randy and Shelly Schmor -

Contact Randy and Shelly Schmor:

Email: RSchmor@nabconf.org

Shelly Schmor (Co-Director) Email: SSchmor@gmail.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/der_schmor

Skype: Randy Schmor - Gateway Teams

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/GatewayTeams

Blog: www.gteams.blogspot.com

NEW Website: http://gatewayteams.org/


Anniversary - April 30

Randy - September 9
Shelly - June 14
Kameron - April 20

To make a GIFT (monthly, quarterly, annually) to give at a future time please complete and return the Intent to Give FormOr contact Rebecca Zellman, 916-797-6222 ext. 229, rzellman@nabconf.org


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