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  • Electricity is an enormous challenge in Cameroon, and even more so for hospitals with expensive electronic equipment, not to mention the challenge of regular power outages during surgery. Dr. Palmer is pioneering an effort to construct a Hydro Electric Dam near the hospital in Mbingo. This project would provide clean and consistent electricity, and would become one more piece of the plan to establish the Mbingo hospital as a premier teaching hospital in Cameroon. NAB is partnering with other organizations to fund this project.

    Funding Goal: $750,000

  • The training school prepares health professionals for service in Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Institutions. The school in Banso has been pressed for adequate space for many years. A new building was started a few years ago and is in need of completion. Once completed, the building will be named in honor and memory of Kathy Kroll who served as long-time midwife nursing instructor and principal of the school. Your generous gift will help complete one floor at a time.

    Goal: $120,000

  • Student housing at the Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS) is aging and in significant state of disrepair. Tuition is kept at a minimum because students lack financial resources, but this does not allow for adequate infrastructure maintenance at the school.

    Funds given to this Special Project will be used to renovate existing dormitories. This will provide the students with a more confucive envirtonment in which to live and study.

    GOAL: $40,000

  • Many seminary students do not have sufficient funds to cover their education expenses. By working to help maintain the large school campus, they can earn money that is applied to their tuition. Contributions are used to pay these students who work maintenance jobs.

  • This fund will assist in the training of an African pathologist. Having a pathologist on the Mbingo campus gives the hospital the ability to do lab work on site, providing quality and timely test results for patient care.

  • The Life Abundant Primary Health Care program reaches into some of the remotest corners of Cameroon with basic health care and the Gospel of Christ.  Trained village workers from these remote areas come to LAP Central for regular training and spiritual retreat.  With prayer a strong, central focus of the LAP work since its inception, a quiet place on campus, designated for worship, prayer and meditation is greatly needed.  A conducive round structure, to be built in a naturally treed setting, has been designed to fill this need.  The prayer house will also be available to individuals and groups that seek a place for spiritual retreat.

    Goal: $3,500

  • Well-trained teachers can make a real difference in the lives of the students in the Cameroon Baptist Convention's primary school system. Your $200 gift can make this happen.

  • Many Christian lay leaders and rural pastors do not have the opportunity to attend institutional Bible training. TEE provides Bible, evangelism, and leadership training by correspondence/small group teaching. Contributions are used to subsidize the cost of textbooks for the students.

    Annual Goal: $5,000

  • One course of Chemo Therapy is equal to half a year’s wage for the average Cameroon laborer. Your gift of $600 will subsidize the cost and make this life saving treatment available to patients in need.

    $600 per course of treatment

  • Extreme poverty among a minority ethnic group in East Asia makes basic education unaffordable. This fund will support one widow raising four children so they will not be forced to withdraw from school. Our staff will continue ministering to this minority group while ensuring that your gifts meet this foundational need.

    Annual Goal: USD 2,700

  • Jozsef is a Hungarian national missionary working among the Roma in villages surrounding Budapest. He works alongside NAB missionaries Ron and Jeannie Seck. 

  • National missionaries - "Laci" and Eszter are Hungarian national missionaries working among the Roma people in Hungary. They work alongside NAB missionaries Ron and Jeannie Seck.

  • National missionary – Marijana is the director of the CHE Serbia Board. Her ministry will be to form teams to enter the huge and very poor Roma community of Mali-Beograd on the outskirts of Movi Sad, with the purpose of beginning a neighborhood-by-neighborhood wholistic community development project.

    Annual Goal: $5,000

  • Seminars will be held up to four times annually to assist in training the lay leaders of the Japan Baptist Conference. Any gifts given will go to help with expenses related to these seminars such as travel expenses, materials, and scholarships for attendance.

    Goal: $5,000

  • To an orphan who has lost everything, Camp Hope brings hope and healing. This 5-day Bible camp allows the ministry of Every Orphan's Hope to minister to orphans through Bible study, prayer, music, crafts, and games. Every child receives a Camp Hope T-shirt, bandana, and they are served two to three meals a day, something many orphans rarely experience. Most importantly, they receive a clear presentation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. We’re praying for 300 orphans to experience the Love of Jesus at Camp Hope in 2015. Funds need to be received no later than June 1, 2015. A Donation of $40 Sends 1 Orphan to Camp!

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