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  • The My Father’s House Orphan Homes create a family style home for a widow and eight orphans. The home is not an orphanage; it is truly a place where the children and their “mama” create a new family, a place they will forever call home. We are in need of renovating all 11 of our homes. The cost for a full renovation of one home is $11,000. A minimum donation of $100 is appreciated!

  • NAB has a history of partnership with the Hungarian Baptist Convention of Romania that goes back over 20 years.  In the year 2000, 60 acres of land was purchased by the generous support of NAB churches and donors.  Now NAB is sending missionaries Paul and Tanya Gericke to work with Romanian leaders for the construction and development of this property. The camp will be used for evangelism, discipleship and leadership development, where children, young adults and families will have a place to grow. Your contribution will help the first phase of project design, drawings and site development.  When this first phase is complete, we will launch a second phase for the actual construction of the facility.

  • For many people in inner-city Philadelphia, a Bible is a luxury.

    Your gift of $30 or more will provide God's Word to seekers and new believers who are coming "off the streets".

  • New Life Ministries provides the homeless and disenfranchised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with food, emergency shelter, transitional housing, and the message of Christ.

    Your gift of $60 will supply food to those who have none.

  • The needy in inner-city Philadelphia find food, supplies and loving hearts at NAB's Christian Compassion Baptist Church, a small congregation sharing Christ's love with others.

    Your gift of $30 will help feed the needy in Philadelphia.

  • Our goal is to provide scholarships for each of the eight students. 

    Goal per student: $500

  • Your gift will go towards training youth leaders in the Convention.

    Goal: $2,000

  • Goal: $400

  • Please visit www.chainoflove.org/donate/ for specific information about special projects related to the Chain of Love ministry... providing loving, secure, caring homes for abandoned and abused street children in Brazil.

  • Cameroonian national missionaries are teaching the least-reached peoples of Cameroon.  While Cameroon Christians support the basic salaries of these missionaries, most have no ministry funds. Contributions will provide these national missionaries with Bibles, literature, or even a motorcycle in order to reach the people to whom they were sent.

    Suggested $500 annually per national missionary.  

    Goal: $10,000

  • Your gift will go towards providing educational materials to support the Health Board training program for nurses, lab techs, and other health personnel.

    Goal: $5,000

  • At the Mbingo School for the Deaf, hearing-impaired children have the opportunity to be educated and integrated into society. Contributions help offset living and tuition expenses of the two hundred students at the school. 

    Note: Identity of children not disclosed.

    $200 annually per child goes a long way. 

  • Funds provide education and health support for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS and other disasters and diseases. The children are placed with caregivers in their communities rather than in an orphanage.

    Note: Identity of children not disclosed.

    Suggested minimum $200 annually per child.

  • Over 40 percent of Cameroon’s 20 million people are under the age of fifteen. With this many children seeking and needing education, there is a continual challenge to maintain school infrastructure. Many schools have leaking roofs, mud floors, and inadequate desks. Your gift will help to provide conducive learning environments for children attending the Cameroon Baptist Convention’s eighty or more primary schools.

    Suggested: $1,000 per school.

  • Funds provide much needed and culturally appropriate theological books and periodicals/journals for Cameroon Baptist Convention Seminaries.

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