Becky (Kato) Lengefeld


Becky grew up in Japan; her parents are NAB missionaries serving through the Tsu English Center at the Christian Education Center in Tsu.  The NAB missionaries serving in Japan and the Japan Baptist Conference are pleased to have Becky return to her "homeland" as a  continuing term missionary. 

Visit the Tsu Christian Education Center:   http://www.cec-tsu.com/

Below are testimonies of survivors of 3.11.11. My friends filmed and edited these videos. Please pray that God would use them to bring HOPE to many!!

Video #1


Apr 26
Missionary Birthday: 
Nov 26

Carol Potratz

Disciplemaker in Japan

“I will perpetuate your memory through all generations; therefore the nations will praise you for ever and ever"   Psalm 45:17 NIV

Missionary Birthday: 
Dec 09

Ron & Joan Stoller

Born and raised in Portland, Ore., and a graduate of Portland State University, Ron Stoller first came to Japan in 1973 and served as an English teacher in NAB’s short-term missionary program. A few months later, he met Joan Youngquist, who grew up serving the Lord in Japan alongside her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Harris Youngquist from the Baptist General Conference, her two brothers and her sister, establishing churches since their arrival in 1950. At the time, Joan was teaching ESL in Japan’s public schools after graduating from Bethel College.

Paul & Melissa Ewing

The Ewings have been serving in Japan as church planters since 1999.

Anniversary - August 14

Paul - September 4
Melissa - December 2
Noah - April 20
Jonah - March 6
Elijah - March 11

Yuri Nakano

Disciplemaker in Japan

As a Japanese-Canadian, Yuri has a unique, God-given background in being sent out from North America as a missionary to Japan.

Missionary Birthday: 
Dec 28

Amber Carpenter


Amber has a passion for serving the Lord.  Amber is a young lady with a heart for Japan.  She has demonstrated a love for the culture, the food, the language and the people – all from her home in Northern California. 

When NAB missionaries Ron and Joan Stoller visited in her home, she had that unmistakable sense that the Lord was at work – calling her to explore serving in Christ’s name in Japan.  

Missionary Birthday: 
Sep 02

Shan Reed

Christian Education

"The moment I stepped off the train in Tsu, Japan," says Shan, "I felt at home.  I did not know the language or the customs; however, I felt I was home."

Missionary Birthday: 
Sep 07
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